Tiny Home on Wheels 

Made by Coastal Cabins

Kitchenette/lounge, bathroom and bedroom in a 8 x 3 mobile home ready to call home


Some of the best in the industry

In 2018-2022, Coastal Cabins developed a great reputation as making some of the best mobile homes (tiny homes on wheels) in the industry. Using LGS steel framing, they hold up under transport and on site. Double-glazed, modern attractive bathroom and kitchenette, they are both durable and easily refurbishable using NZBC-approved materials readily available in New Zealand. Contact Eric Chase to lease, buy or lease to own a refurbished cabin. Fleet available now.


  • Supplied on a trailer with galvanised and protective paint steel chassis
  • Ecowool insulation in all exterior walls and ceiling.
  • Expol polystyrene underfloor insulation.
  • High quality double glazed aluminium joinery windows and ranchslider
  • All joinery powder coated in ironsand.
  • Colour Steel roofing.
  • Shadow-clad plywood cladding – Paint Resene Bokara Grey N28-005-068
  • Cavity-wall design with housewrap breathable weather-resistant barrier
  • 90mm Steel Structure framing. FrameCad
  • 18mm 5 ply heavy duty tanalised floor base.
  • Grooved ply lining painted white – Paint Resene Alabaster N96-006-099 
  • Rheem Gas Califont attaches to two 45kg gas bottles (bottle not included)
  • RCD power protection and caravan lead interface box connection
  • Options include additional decking and awnings


  • Ample light fittings and power points throughout.
  • Quality vinyl planking throughout with optional carpet in bedroom
  • Quality roller blinds in all living and bedroom areas.
  • High quality kitchen units with Formica benchtop.
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink.
  • Ceramic Element Cooktop
  • Rangehood
  • Full-size shower cubicle with glass full width door.
  • Towel rail and toilet roll holder.
  • Bathroom mirror cabinet
  • Flush toilet.
  • Sliding door on bedroom
  • Sliding door on lounge
  • Pictured cabin comes with an optional pet door.

The lounge with kitchenette

3.7 x 2.7m   Sloped ceiling 2.7peak

Hob, fan, sink, cabinets, ready for full height fridge and oven/microwave space in cabinetry (furniture and rugs not included)


The bedroom

2.4 x 2.7m

Closet, sliding bedroom door, cross ventilation, luxury carpeting


The bathroom

1.4 x 2.7m

Shower, toilet, basin, cabinets, double-door mirrored cabinet




Statement by Coastal Cabins Licensed Building Practitioner / Factory Floor Manager

[LBP number supplied]

To Whom It May Concern

As a Licensed Building Practitioner / Factory Floor Manager, I both supervised and worked on the five Cabins (mobile homes or “units”) for the LOP financier including unit E80D-039. As mobile homes on wheels and designed to be moveable on NZ roads, these units are excluded from the NZ Building Code 2004 Section 8(1)(b)(iii).

Never-the-less the materials used to manufacture the units are compliant with NZBC with appropriate certificates, including BRANZ, CodeMark, etc., and the building methods and standards applies were of a high standard and done under enclosed, controlled factory conditions protected from weather.

Furthermore, each unit then underwent a real-world test of being delivered over 100 km of NZ roads at speeds of 90 kph, fully-built and ready to inhabit – a durability test far greater than any expected of buildings constructed in-situ. For clarity, the financier did not contract with Coastal Cabins to secure building consents (CCC/COA) for these units, and the cost of compliance varies extremely depending both on the respective BCA and on the inspector of the day who may demand consultant reports/documents before issuing a BCA certificate.

  • The framing is LGS galvanised steel by NASH standard compliant FRAMECAD.
  • E2 External moisture /Building performance) was carried out as any consented project I have done previously over a considerable many years so I have full confidence in the performance
  • B2 Cladding and roof manufactured to achieve the desired durability and protection as would be expected from any consented structure.
  • The unit was fully insulated using R3.3 roof, R2.4 and R1.8 insulation, as per the CodeMark and BRANZ appraisals below.
  • The plumbing and electrical work was undertaken by qualified personnel to a high standard as would be expected.

In summary, at the time these units left the factory I can say they were built to a high standard by qualified tradesmen and fully expect them to perform as required for many years to come.

{Name Supplied]

Licensed Building Practitioner / Production Manager ([LBP License Number Supplied])

Framing: Walls, Roof/Ceiling, Floor: FrameCad https://www.nash.asn.au/nash/publications/nash-standards

Building Wrap – Bunnings Trade Masons Barricade Building Wrap BRANZ Appraisal Number № 795 (2102)

CAVBAT Cavity Batten System: Branz Appraisal Number № 524 (2012) https://www.branz.co.nz/documents/2921/524_2012_New.pdf and https://www.branz.co.nz/appraisal-codemark-certificates/524-2012-cavibat-cavity-battens/

Exterior Cladding: CHH Shadowclad preprimed Cladding (H3.1 suitable as an Acceptable Solution B2/AS1 3.2.1) Carter Holt Harvey Plywood https://chhply.co.nz/ranges/shadowclad/products/ultra-groove/  

Paint: Resene Bokara Grey

UnderFloor :18mm CD H3.2 EcoPly Structural plywood- compliance with AS/NZS 2269 Plywood – https://chhply.co.nz/assets/Uploads/2e7756d489/Ecoply-Specification-Installation-Guide-September-2015.pdf

Floor cover: Bonie Ceramic Vinyl Floor https://www.tradedepot.co.nz/media/wysiwyg/misc/datasheet/BONIE-click-flooring.pdf

Insulation: Knauf EarthWool Glass Wool CodeMark № 30095 and Expol Floor https://www.knaufinsulation.co.nz/specifiers/certification

    Wall R2.4 https://www.knaufinsulation.co.nz/products/earthwool-glasswool-insulation-external-wall-batt

    Ceiling R3.3 https://www.knaufinsulation.co.nz/products/earthwool-glasswool-insulation-commercial-roll

    Floor R1.8 EXPOL R1.4 White Underfloor Insulation BRANZ certificate № 256 https://www.expol.co.nz/expol-r1-4-white-underfloor-insulation/

Lining:  ECOPLY® GROOVED LINING Painted. https://chhply.co.nz/ranges/ecoply/ecoply-structural-plywood/grooved-lining/


Paint: Resene Alabaster

Joinery: Double-glazed, toughened, aluminium NuLook Ranchslider Doors and Pacific Residential Sliding Windows:  https://www.miproducts.co.nz/Search/0/0/Altus-Windows-Pacific-Residential-Suite–35mm-platform–i5b6da7a2-c75d-4a38-ac3e-3b6c403c8dcc-6400.htm

Roof: COLORSTEEL ENDURA STANDARDS: Steel substrate may be either G300 or G550 consistent with AS 1397:2011

Metallic coating is AZ 150 consistent with AS 1397:2011

COLORSTEEL® Endura® is Product Type 4 consistent with AS/NZS 2728:2013

Tolerances are consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS 365:1996 https://assets.ctfassets.net/t9web88hzjrs/280a8kR8qSz7bsQbfQCLW7/2ced5e353a5e7c5d78d6c36aa7360549/NZS0005_305_Product_Technical_Statement_Endura_1pp.pdf

Califont: Rheem 16L LPG Gas Califont Water Heater  874816LFZ

Electrical: 30 Amp breaker Box: VYNCO V12 12-Way Distribution Board

Exterior powerpoint: Aqua Life WL777CG – Compliance: AZ/NZ 3112 http://documents.portalink.net/product/1787688/LEG2325%20WL777-2T%20WL777%20WLF777%20Aqua%20Life%20Switch%20Data%20Sheet%20FA.pdf